WWE Wrestlemania 29 Fallout!

April 17, 2013

First off good to be back.  Been extremely busy over the last couple years.  Lets get to Wrestlemania 29!

Coming into Wrestlemania we kind of knew the outcomes but lets see what will happen from here.  Rock vs. Cena:  with the Rock off making movies we knew WWE would give the title to Cena.  Question is whats next for the Rock.  How many years will he do this.  My guess is he has his farewell match next year at Survivor Series against CM Punk.

Undertaker vs. Punk:  No one really believed Undertaker would loose.  I think he does one more wrestlemania and does a farewell match later that year at Survivor Series (Goes out with the Rock).

Triple H vs Lesnar:  Lesnar will set up some storyline with the Rock at Wrestlemania 30.  I believe Lesnar will be champion and the Rock wins it at Wrestlemania 30.  Later loosing at Survior Series against CM Punk.  Triple H will be winding down his career at Wrestlemania 30 as well.  A good farewell match would be a triple threat of Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at Wrestelmania.

Hall of Fame Class of 2015:

The Rock, Undertaker, Triple H


The Brock is Back! Why not the Rock?

July 5, 2010

This past weekend Brock Lesnar came back after nearly a year out and showed once again why he is pound for pound one of the best in UFC.  All the attention to his return brought to mind his WWE Career and how he gave that up in his prime.  The WWE needs to create the charaters like Brock but more importantly the Rock.  It seems that todays wrestlers are dull and lack any Wow factors.  This is difficult and will take a while to build.  Characters as John Morrison or The Pope from TNA are prime candidates.  But why not bring the Rock back!.  He is still young in wrestling terms and would immediately send the ratings through the roof.  It would also help build up the young characters in Wrestling.  So I say Bring Back the Rock!  If you smell what I’m cooking!

April 19th 2010 Monday Night Wars

April 20, 2010

This week was a golden opportunity for TNA to take a hit at WWE.  With the Volcano troubles in Europe and the WWE Superstars of Raw being trapped in Europe, the Monday Night Raw was a make shift Smackdown.  But some how and some way TNA screwed up this golden opportunity.  First at its Lockdown PPV they showed how little respect and confidence they have in AJ Styles that they put his match with The Pope at the 10 pm time slot of the PPV.  This is the Heavyweight championship match of your company.  You are telling me that Team Hogan vs. Team Flair match is your Main Event?????  Then on Monday Impact they have RVD beat AJ Styles and have a celebration, ala Bret Hart winning at Wrestlemania 10, with all the talent, Hogan, Bischoff and Dixie come into the ring as if they are crowning the cornerstone of the organization.  If TNA believes that RVD is the man to carry the organization, which they clearly have showed by yesterdays performance, than they are heading downhill in a hurry.   Whats next?  the return of Vampiro vs. Sting.  Or Tommy Dreamer returning?  Ohhhh the excitement!

Is the ship sinking already for TNA?

March 20, 2010

This past week of the Monday night wars was a terrible week for TNA.  Yes WWE had Stone Cold Steve Austin guest hosting, but TNA just doesn’t get it.  They advertise that they will be more about wrestling than talking.  I don’t know about you but I’m tired of seeing Hogan and Bischoff talking backstage.  The wrestling looks like they have geriatrics unit wrestling.  And will they stop with the blood out of Hogan and Flair.  To be honest it is almost unwatchable.  Whats sad is they are going to ruin AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and The Pope with their crappy writing.  Ship is filling up with water and TNA only has a 4 ounce cup to get the water out!

WWE vs. TNA Monday Night Wars

March 20, 2010

Monday Night Wars in wrestling have begun again and what a let down.  I watched TNA specifically to see what they could produce.  It really looked like old men trying to run around.  TNA said they were going to better than WWE because they would be doing more wrestling and allow their stars to talk and not have speeches written for them.  Obviously they must have not gotten around to adding it to their programming because I don’t see it at all.  WWE Monday Night Raw was ok yesterday, but even just being ok was 100% better than TNA.